ISA Scholarships for 2024-2025

The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association (ISA) has announced its plan to award over $58,000 in college scholarships for the academic year 2024-25. This program, established in 1979, speaks to the ISA’s ongoing commitment to education and youth development in Illinois. The scholarships are earmarked for the usual post secondary expenses like tuition, books, and fees.

The selection process for ISA scholarships is conducted by the county sheriffs of Illinois, with a deadline for application submissions set for March 15. Following the application deadline, sheriffs will review, vote, and tally the winners. In the previous academic year, the ISA distributed a substantial 117 awards.

For the 2024-25 academic year, an additional funding opportunity has been introduced. Thanks to an anonymous memorial donation, the ISA will offer an extra $500 to a student specializing in criminal justice or law enforcement. This award will be an annual feature, continuing until the donated funds are fully exhausted.

The scholarships are open to full-time students enrolled in accredited institutions within Illinois, including online learning platforms. However, applicants must be permanent residents of Illinois and must use the scholarship at institutions within the state.

Applications for the scholarship can be obtained from local county sheriff’s offices or via the ISA website here. Applicants are expected to submit their responses to the essay question and all other required documentation to the sheriff’s office in the their permanent county of residence by the March 15th deadline.

For more information visit the ISA’s Youth Outreach page on their website here.