Energy-Saving Tips for Winter

A person lowers temperature on a home thermostat. Enegry saving concept

Now that the weather is finally starting to look and feel like winter, here are some tips that can increase the energy efficiency of your home and help you save money on heating bills this winter!

  • Weatherstrip windows and doors to keep heat inside and cold drafts outside.
  • Switch to a smart thermostat that you can program. Turning the thermostat down while sleeping and/or when you are away from home can help reduce electric bills.
  • Close the damper when not using a fireplace.
  • Schedule annual furnace check-ups to ensure efficient use and increase system lifespan.
  • Do not block air vents with drapes or furniture.
  • Check insulation around the home.
  • Adjust hot water heater temperature.
  • Only wash and dry full loads of laundry. Partial loads use as much energy as running a full load.
  • Insulate water pipes.

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