Illinois Farmers Supply Thanksgiving Feasts

Illinois: A Great Place for Specialty Crops

Did you know that Illinois is not just about corn and soybeans? Our state’s soil and weather are perfect for growing many foods, including many of those found on your Thanksgiving table.

More Than Corn and Beans

While we are famous for corn and soybeans, Illinois grows many other crops. In fact, the Illinois Farm Bureau says our state is great for specialty crops and that we can grow almost anything you find in a grocery store, except for the tropical fruits.

Illinois Leads in Pumpkins and More

We are number one in growing pumpkins and horseradish. We are also in the top 10 for cauliflower, broccoli, peas, and asparagus. Unsurprisingly, we have the third most farmers markets in the U.S.

Find Local Foods Easily

The Illinois Farm Bureau made a Local Food Directory. It lists over 2,400 farms and food stores. You can find local food near you. It’s free to use.

Local Foods for Thanksgiving

Most agriculture experts say you can get most of your Thanksgiving foods from Illinois. You can find local turkey farms and other items like pecans. The best method to get what you need is using the Local Food Directory to find what’s near you.

No Pumpkin Shortage in Illinois

Worried about a pumpkin shortage? Don’t be. Illinois had a good pumpkin season. We grow most of the country’s pumpkins.

Why Pumpkins Love Illinois

Our soil makes Illinois a great place for pumpkins. Morton, Illinois, is even called the pumpkin capital of the world!

Benefits of Local Shopping

When you shop locally, you learn about how your food is grown while also supporting local farmers and businesses.

Some Extra Planning Needed

Shopping locally might call for a more detailed plan as some things must be ordered ahead, and you might have to stop at a few places.

Learn About Growing Specialty Crops

Interested in growing specialty crops? The Illinois Farm Bureau has a conference called the Everything Local Conference. It teaches about growing specialty crops and running a local food business.

This Thanksgiving, enjoy the yield of Illinois farms.

Happy Thanksgiving!