Marklund Philip & Day Center in Bloomingdale

Last week, I took a heartwarming tour of the Marklund Philip & Day Center in Bloomingdale. I quickly saw the sheer dedication of their team who cater to infants through adults with significant developmental disabilities. Marklund is a beacon of hope and support for the community. With its three residential locations – Marklund Hyde Center, Marklund Philip Center, and Marklund Wasmond Center, it currently shelters 178 residents and employs more than 500 staff members and thousands of volunteers.

Their centers are well-equipped, offering Medically Complex/Skilled Nursing facilities, as well as Community Day Services which emphasize daily living and vocational skills to foster independence among the adults with developmental disabilities.

Moreover, Marklund Day School is a initiative that collaborates with local school districts to help children who have multiple medical needs, learning, emotional and developmental disabilities, including those diagnosed with autism. The compassion and resilience displayed by Marklund, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they adapted to ensure the safety of the residents and staff, is inspiring.

Whether it is breaking ground for a new Day School, or creatively converting fundraising events into virtual formats, Marklund stands tall in its PROMISE to make everyday life possible for individuals with disabilities.